Children Cooking Class

Children Cooking Class

We offer a funny, simple and practical cooking experience especially for children. They all love it!

Children learn how to make simple Indonesian / Balinese dishes in a fun way. 

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The class is intended for children from 5 - 12 years.
We make it a fun lesson because it is important that your child has a fun, practical cooking experience.
So that your child would like to do this later in a home kitchen.
Each workshop lasts 2 hours, during this time the children learn to make their own Indonesian dishes together with the cooking instructor(s) and support of the parent(s) 

The special kid's workshop runs only on Thursdays from 16:00  to 18.00 pm

At the end of each session, each child will also take home a recipe sheet and a special certificate for all the new foods they have tried. 
The cost for 1 child is RP 350,000 to include all ingredients, utensils, and use of an apron.
The parent (s) pay an amount of RP 150,000 because they do not actively participate in this class but only support their child.
The purchased ingredients will be enough to let the parent (s) enjoy the food together, their child has prepared.
 You will be proud and enjoy what your child has made!    
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