You will learn to cook Martabak Manis also named Terang BulanTerang Bulan mini

There is a growing demand for making Indonesian street foods
We offer a Martabak Manis cooking class.
Martabak Manis is a very thick "pancake" with the traditional filling are chocolate sprinkle, crush peanut, sesame seed, condense milk combine in one or cheese and condense milk.  Martabak means 'folded'. Martabak is cut into squares. In Indonesia, the Martabak is one of the most popular street foods

During this  Martabak cooking course, you will start with prepare delicious Indonesian products that are available on the market every day
You learn how to make combinations with products from the local market into Martabak. We do not use packages, bags or ready-to-use meat substitutes during this cooking course, but make everything 'from scratch'.
In short an inspiring course where you are challenged to cook tasty Martabak at home.
At every cooking class, we make different dishes that are nicely matched. In addition to knowing everything about the different methods of preparation, you will also learn various (basic) cooking techniques, backgrounds of dishes/ingredients and where you can buy any ingredients.
We can cook different tastes:
  • Terang Bulan Brownies
  • Terang Bulan Cheese
  • Terang Bulan Pandan
  • Terang Bulan Red Velvet
  • Terang Bulan Chocolate & Cheese
  Adults Children 
Morning class Rp. 750.000 Rp. 250.000
Evening class Rp. 700.000 Rp. 250.000


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