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We have different menus we prepare during class

I made an overview so you can easily see which menu we prepare by day.
 Is there anything you would like to change to prepare from the daily list below, we can change if you want.
Other dishes can be found to click here
But this must be indicated well in advance due to preparations and purchases.
It may be that another choice entails additional costs.
Let us know in the contact form what you like to change.

Monday & Tuesday

  1. Chicken Betutu
  2. Satay Lilit
  3. Spring Roll
 Dessert: Lupis Jaje Bali

Wednesday & Friday

  1. Beef rendang
  2. Chicken satay
  3. Fried rice noodles
 Dessert: Green Pancake roll

Seafood Saturday

  1. Grill seafood plate
  2. Stir-fried vegetables
  3. 2 kinds of sambal

Dessert: Fried Banana

Veggie Thursday Morning

vegitarian thursday

  1. Gado Gado
  2. Vegetables curry
  3. Spring roll

Dessert: Black rice pudding


Childrens Thursday Afternoon

kids cooking

  1. Spring roll
  2. Fried rice / fried noodles
  3. Green pancake roll
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