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Do you stay in Jimbaran and are you looking for a Cooking Class?

Then take a cooking course at Caraway Cooking Class

Caraway Cooking Class was the very first Cooking Class in Sanur.
Sanur is only 20 km from Jimbaran, and you can combine the cooking class with a day at the beach.
Sanur has a 5 kilometer long sandy beach, and there is always a lovely spot for sunbathing.
The sea is very calm on this side of the island and the water is shallow, so you can swim here, even with children.
Along the beach there is also a promenade with shops and restaurants, where you can enjoy a delicious drink with your feet in the sand.

Before or after the beach day you can follow one of our cooking classes
We give lessons in the morning or lessons in the afternoon, so you can choose whether you take part in the cooking course after the beach, or follow the morning Class and afterwards take a day at the beach.

Caraway Cooking Class

Discover the secrets of true Indonesian and Balinese cooking, and we learn how to prepare the recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation.

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