We have different menu's  which we prepare during class. 

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I made an overview so you can easily see which menu we prepare by day.

Is there anything you would like to prepare from the list below ,we can change if you want.

( other dishes to change)

But this must be indicated well in advance, because of preparations and purchases.
Let us know in the contact form what you like to change.
  1. Chicken Betutu
  2. Satay lilit; (fish,chicken,pork)
  3. Urap Bali vegetables
  4. Spring roll
  5. Dessert : Lupis 
  1. Beef rendang 
  2. Fried noodles
  3. Satay (chicken, lamb, tuna)
  4. Spring roll
  5. Dessert: Cassava pudding                                                            

vegitarian thursday

  1. Vegetables curry
  2. Mushroom pepes
  3. Pecel peanut sauce with vegetables 
  4. Spring roll
  5. Dessert: Kolak (sweet potatoe, banana & coconut milk)
  1. Beef rendang 
  2. Chicken satay
  3. Stir fried vegetables
  4. Spring roll
  5. Dessert: Black rice pudding                                                           
  1. Chicken Curry
  2. Fish in banana leaf (Ikan Pepes)
  3. Sweet spicy fried tempe
  4. Spring roll
  5. Dessert : Green Pancake roll

1. White rice
2. Red rice
3. Yellow rice
‚Äč4. Rice Sela 

Lamb curry, Beef curry, Fish curry, Vegetables curry, Garang Asem , Chicken Pelalah, Chicken Betutu, Chicken Rujak spicy, Pickled yellow, Plecing kangkung, Seaweed salad, Pork ribs soup, Beef soup with coconut milk, Fish soup, Terang Bulan.

 Terang Bulan mini 3  Martabak Telor 1

ask here for information if you are interested