The Evening class starts with welcome drink at Dewi's Caraway Cooking Class.caraway cookingclass learning

During the evening class we prepare the day menu.
The menu that is scheduled for that day.

During the cooking class there is plenty of time to get to know each other and to talk about Balinese culture and eating habits.
The chef is assisted by one or more assistants to help you prepare the menu.
The Class is interactive, which means that you yourself will also actively help with all actions.
After the cooking class, there is the opportunity to jointly eat the menu that has been made.
We make the fun together, it's like you're eating at home.
If you prefer, the made dishes can also be taken home.

Water, tea and coffee is free.
Would you prefer something else, such as a Bintang, or white wine, or soda, that's possible, but we have to charge for this. You can choose in the bookingform

You will receive the recipes from all the lessons, so that you can put all this into practice when you return home.

Caraway Cooking Class sanur
Caraway Cooking Class Sanur 2
16:00 PM- Start cooking.
18:00 PM - Buffet lunch together from the food that we cooked.
19:00 PM - Finish, our driver will take you back to your hotel or villa.
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