Dewi Kartika SariMy name is Dewi Kartika Sari,
im the owner and your cooking instructor at Caraway Cooking Class. 

The start of my own Cooking Class

After working on Java and Bali in several restaurants, and at cooking classes as well.
I had the idea to start my own cooking class. 
I wanted to teach visitors of Bali how to make delicious Balinese and Indonesian dishes
But I wanted to distinguish myself from others, so I created a cookingclass at home.
At home makes a more cozy and private area for my guestst and also give them a more special feeling. 

This is where i started Caraway Cooking Class on November 2012    

caraway start 2012 1     caraway start 2012 2        

Why the name Caraway Cooking Class ? 

I choose for the name Caraway Cooking Class because caraway is a seed wich we use in almost every dish in Indonesian cuisine.
Caraway is a real one of my favorite tastes, and i use it in all my own meals.